Saturday, February 21, 2009

We decided NOT to participate in the recession

I can't be a victim of the recession. Several months ago we borrowed this as our official statement regarding this: “We have decided NOT to participate in the recession”

Now, here's a few things we think are important to running a successful business and life in these times.

- Make yourself daily business AFFIRMATIONS. Waterproof them and read them in the shower – our best marketing ideas happen in the shower.

- DO NOT watch the news about the economy (or not even at all). I can’t tell you when the last time was that I watched my local news or National/world news. Many months ago I decided to change my home page. It is no longer MSN, Yahoo etc. and I don’t miss it.

- Avoid negative people including your own ‘DEBBIE DOWNERS’. “Hey did you here about that fatal accident on Highway….” Um, sorry I gotta go.

- Surround yourself with POSITIVE sights, thoughts, sounds, and even smells. Yep I said sounds and smells! Get a new alarm clock. Buy some handmade soap from someone on Etsy. MAKE yourself happy.

- ACT don't wait to be ACTED UPON - be Proactive. Remember that definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

- Make some mistakes along the way - you’re entitled. Fix them and keep going FORWARD.

- Connect the dots. Look back at how you got where you are today. Be GRATEFUL to the good AND the bad.

- GIVE BACK. Give back to community, family, and God.

Think some of this sounds foolish? Good! I know we’d be foolish if we didn’t do these. Good luck and keep your chin up.


  1. Not foolish at all. When it comes down to it, you do whats best for yourself and your family. got to stay positive and get back to basics...

  2. I've decided not to participate either. I'd rather enjoy my life than freak out about every penny. When I look around, I'm seeing a lot of good things that aren't material things... I think I'll focus on that for a bit. (By the way, I LOVE my owl necklace! Once I take some photos, I'll blog about it.)

  3. I think you should do a blog entry with some of your daily affirmations! Love, Vivian

  4. Wonderful blog post! Inspirational. :)

  5. I agree!
    I haven't watched the news for years and I only spend time reading contemporary issues that interest me - recycling, environmental issues, animals...
    and I wholeheartedly agree with surrounding yourself with positive influences - I have it all set up nicely! (bought some great etsy soap!)
    I give back too - to rabbit rescues! from my etsy shop.
    thank you for such a wonderful post!
    (and I just love your brown on blue rabbit with gold ribbon!)
    kind regards,

  6. I love this!!! Thank you for posting this. I love the "Um, sorry gotta go.... " line. I need to use that one. It really drives me crazy when people are so negative. Thank you THANK YOU for these ideas.